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I increase means penis length and girth permanently.
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Results and causes no side effect what so ever.
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Penis enlargement spell for fast gain

Here is a voodoo spell for penis enlargement that was shared with me.
It is as follows: Get a piece of brown paper and cut it into as near perfect of a square as you can.
Any size will do, but most people find that 1″ x 1″ is fine.
The best source for the paper is from a “barrel” bag.


Ensure that there are no stains on the paper and choose the cleanest and least-wrinkled portions. An unused bag is considered best. Take a clean and unused cotton swab and “swab” the areas of the penis that you want to enlarge.( PENIS ENLARGEMENT SPELL)
Do this to the same areas in the same one-stroke linear fashion on the penile shaft.
One stroke is sufficient With each stroke, stroke the swab on one side of the piece of paper.

No after each swabbing swab the paper. (PENIS ENLARGEMENT SPELL)

You should feel a sense of relief and an unshackling of your evil penis inhibitors as you cast these ashes to the wind

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